Hi, friends!

I’m Gwen. πŸ‘‹

Before I was an astrologer, I was a writer. ✍️

I started scribbling in notebooks when I was five years old. When I was 9, I wrote my first full-length novella. (Momβ€”if you still have the stapled papers somewhere, keep β€˜em. Please. 🀣)

I have ALWAYS wanted to marry my love for words with my growing passion for the stars. Finally, this newsletter came to be! I can’t wait to dive in with you.

Every two weeks or so, I’ll be sending out a cosmic love note πŸ’Œ right to your inbox. It will be honest. It will be personal. It will illuminate, in some shape or form, my lived experience of the stars as an astrologer. Perhaps along the way, we could do some fun community stuff too, like a podcast, or mini readings, or a group chat!! 🀠

The world is our oyster!!!!!!

(I am always open to your feedback! There is nothing I would love more than to have an ongoing conversation with all of you, all day errday.)

My main goal here is to build a proper writing habit.

My ultimate dream? To connect more deeply with all of YOU.

So always feel free to write back, ok? πŸ₯Ή

All my love,

Gwen πŸ’—

β€” The Asian Astrologer


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Hi, I'm Gwen – writer, founder, and practicing astrologer at @TheAsianAstrologer πŸͺ Welcome to my little written corner of the internet! / www.gwenyi.com